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Consistency is Key! My full training program is designed to build your horse to be the best they can be - and to build a partnership between you and your horse.


SALES & Developing Horses



Ready to give you the help you need when you need it most.  Whether it is your first show, or you're a seasoned competitor, I will help you with the finishing touches.

Laura's philosophy of dressage training is built around five core principles:
consistency, communication, thinking about the release, developing a secure seat, and experimentation. 
Learn more about Laura's training philosophy >>


DeCesari Equestrian

DeCesari Equestrian is a full service dressage training barn offering comprehensive services for horse and rider from training level to grand prix. Head trainer, Laura DeCesari, draws upon multiple training techniques to help her riders and horses succeed in and out of the show-ring. 


Laura creates a customized dressage training program for each horse and rider pair, taking into consideration their goals, their strengths, weaknesses, obstacles, and learning styles. Laura and her team have a wholistic approach to the training and welfare of the horses, taking into consideration diet, exercise, equipment, gymnastics, classical dressage training, natural horsemanship, and cross-training. 


Additionally, Laura encourages her clients to be goal-oriented, focused, and open-minded in their training. She supplements lessons with reading, videos, clinics, and other educational opportunities to create well-rounded horsemen.

From young and old, training level to FEI, novice to experienced competitor, Laura and her team have a long track record of helping a diverse set of clients achieve their dressage goals. The DeCesari Equestrian team is ready to help you take your dressage skills to the next level! 


My mare and I am so grateful that we found Laura for our dressage trainer.


Laura is an extraordinarily gifted rider and trainer.  She  understands horses, and puts their wellbeing above all else. Laura coaches with her whole heart.  She rides every stride with me and coaches me to improve every moment.  Her style of coaching is just what I need to make corrections right then and there. Laura is quick to praise and encourage during every lesson. 


Laura's talent with her horses and students is incredible.  I feel so blessed to have her as my trainer.  My horse and I are truly communicating better and the trust between us is stronger than ever.


I know that with Laura’s continued involvement in our journey the bond between my horse and I will continue to strengthen.  

- Tracy Anderson 


May 20-21 Debbie McDonald Clinic

June 4-18 Training Steffen

August 8-13 NAJYRC Traverse City, MI

August 18-19 Road Runner Dressage Show

September 29-October 1 Region 5 Regionals


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900 N Circle D Way 

Tucson, AZ 85748


Tel: 520-907-1927

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