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The DeCesari Team


Shannon Tiedemann is the wheel that keeps DE turning managing the staff and horses. Every week Shannon not only does some of the hands on grooming and care of the horses she also sends out weekly reminders to clients of necessary items the client needs for their horse. Some of these needs include low amounts of supplements or a piece of equipment that needs to be replaced. She also sends Laura weekly emails on what the staff is doing for each horse, any system that has been added or changed along with any questions about the routine. She also updates the App that we use for the staff that keeps a file on each horse. Each file shows the care needs of the horse and the system we need to follow with that particular horse.

Tiedemann was born in New Hampshire, lived in Maryland, Germany, and Italy before moving to Arizona in 2011. Since then she has been involved with 4H, horse leasing and showing. Her love of horses has evolved and encompasses the wider equine world for she owns 3 horses, 5 donkeys and mules. She is inspired by Working Equitation and would like to progress with her mustang and further her growing expertise!

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Tyson Clark has been a part of the DeCesari Equestrian team since Day One. Tyson has been shoeing horses since he was a teenager. He is a huge advocate of continuing education and competes on a regular basis at the World Championship Blacksmith, American Farriers Association, World Horseshoeing Classic and multiple state association clinics and competitions. He believes, just like Equestrian athletes that compete, you should always have your work evaluated so you can keep improving. Just recently, Tyson selected for the American Farriers Association team that competes internationally against some of the best farrier teams in the world.  


Tyson shoes our horses with the basic principles in mind. He is always saying, “strong hoof capsule leads for strong performance”. Tyson is very skilled in making his own horseshoes and fits each shoe specifically to each foot. He is one to leave as much surrounding hoof structure on the horse that he possibly can.


Tyson likes to work as a team with the riders and everyone involved to make sure he is on the right path for the horse.

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