The DeCesari Team


MEGAN BROWN - Assistant Trainer


We are so happy to have her as part of the team!

EMILY THARP - Barn Manager


Emily goes above and beyond to care for the horses and keep the barn organized! From doing massage and stretching, exercising and grooming the horses, she’s a huge asset to the DeCesari Dressage team!

She was born and raised in Tucson, AZ and became hooked on horses at a young age after attending a horse camp. No one else in her family rides, but she knew horses were “in her blood”.


Emily has been riding since 10 years old. She started primarily in Western and some English riding. From Natural Horsemanship to instructing lessons to working as a Wrangler, she’s had a variety of riding experience and teaching experience that Laura values for her program. 

She also is a Certified Equine Massage Therapist and constantly trying to help the horses feel their best through massage, stretching and using laser and magnetic therapies on the horses. In her small amount of spare time she will go home and research what other tools will help each horse. 

We are so happy to have her as part of the team!

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DR. ALICIA LINDHOLM - Veterinarian

The DeCesari team is extremely fortunate to have an onsite, residential veterinarian at Bandalero Ranch. Dr. Alicia Lindholm, DVM, graduated from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2008 and spent time at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Central Kentucky before joining the Bandalero team in Arizona. Dr. Lindholm has significant specialization skills in reproduction but also is available for routine and emergency care for Bandelero Ranch residents. She works closely with Laura and her team to ensure the horses have the best care.


Specifically, DeCesari clients routinely comment that they love how Dr. Lindholm supports their high performance horses with services such as:

  • Routine care needs including vaccinations health checks

  • Nutrition and performance supplement counseling. For example, the specialized veterinarian facilities on site also supply all Platinum Performance supplements. DeCesari clients consult with Dr. Lindholm to ensure their horses are on the correct program

  • Horse show related preparation and documentation including vaccinations records, Coggins, and health certificates


More information about Dr. Lindholm and her services at Bandalero Ranch can be found on the Bandalero Ranch website.

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Tyson Clark has been a part of the DeCesari Equestrian team since Day One. Tyson has been shoeing horses since he was a teenager. He is a huge advocate of continuing education and competes on a regular basis at the World Championship Blacksmith, American Farriers Association, World Horseshoeing Classic and multiple state association clinics and competitions. He believes, just like Equestrian athletes that compete, you should always have your work evaluated so you can keep improving. Just recently, Tyson selected for the American Farriers Association team that competes internationally against some of the best farrier teams in the world.  


Tyson shoes our horses with the basic principles in mind. He is always saying, “strong hoof capsule leads for strong performance”. Tyson is very skilled in making his own horseshoes and fits each shoe specifically to each foot. He is one to leave as much surrounding hoof structure on the horse that he possibly can.


Tyson likes to work as a team with the riders and everyone involved to make sure he is on the right path for the horse.

RENE NORIEGA - Founder and Owner of EquiStride Integrative Therapy


As an Equine Bodyworker for the last 16 years, Rene has attended a number of schools, seminars and certification courses to keep him current and proficient in this line of work.

Rene works to observe, locate, identify and address issues that are out of/or in need of balancing in order to maximize the overall performance ability, health and quality of life for our horses.

His experience has afforded him the opportunity to work on horses from all walks of life.  From your retired “backyard” horse to some of the most elite competition horses in the Rodeo world to the Dressage and Hunter Jumper world.

His primary focus in working on your horse is to identify the cause (source) of pain or discomfort and apply hands on techniques, followed by Range of Motion Exercises, Flexion and Mild Traction.

Locating and addressing the pain allows him to alleviate stress and pressure on the horse, thus restoring it back to its normal state of balance and performance ability.  Pain causes anxiety, anxiety causes a fight or flight response. And all of this causes issues in the horse’s willingness to perform the tasks you ask of it. 

Laura and her clients appreciated everything Rene does for their horses.

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