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Training Philosophy


Laura approaches each horse and rider without assumptions or judgement. Listening to the rider talk about past experiences and future goals is the key to creating a customized training program.


With each new horse in her program, regardless of age or experience, Laura begins with groundwork to create a connection with the horse in a safe space. With new riders, she is focused on improving both horsemanship and equestrian skills.  

From training level to FEI Grand Prix, Laura’s coaching and training experience enables her to create an individualized training program for each horse and rider with the goal of allowing each partnership to reach its full potential.

While each partnership is unique, Laura focuses on five key elements to success:


A clear set of steps that are repeated and understood by both the rider and horse is essential.


Leveraging her experience in groundwork and in the saddle, Laura works to ensure that the horses and riders have the ability to communicate clearly. Laura always ensures that the horse is responsive to the basics before moving on to more complex skills performed in higher levels.


Laura is constantly thinking about the horse’s mindset during the ride and finding the release to build confidence and skills while maintaining power, elasticity, and suppleness.


Riding and lunging lessons, videos, exercises, and clinics are some of the ways Laura works to help each of her riders develop a secure and confident seat.


While Laura’s range of experiences has led her to believe there are many ways to approach training, she continues to learn new ways of approaching training and encourages her riders to do the same.



DeCesari Training offers full time training programs which are tailored to the horse and client.


The program includes:

  • Four training rides or coaching sessions a week  

    • Note: This mix can be tailored to the needs of the client and modified over time.

  • Managing care of the horse including additional exercising sessions as needed

  • 1 day of cardio/strength training

  • 4 magnetic blanket session a month

  • Bridle Cleaned daily 

  • 4 tail washes/conditioned a month

  • 1x mane pull per month

  • 1x legs clipped 

  • Management of Horse 

  • Giving horse medications 

Special Services Available to DeCesari Clients:

  • Customized grain preparation and feeding

  • Blanketing and blanket cleaning

  • Tack cleaning

  • Horse show preparation including bathing and clipping of horse

  • Full and partial body clipping

  • Rehabilitation services

  • Medication services in conjunction with Veternarian 



For clients interested in competition, the DeCesari show team attends approximately 14 shows a year. Full training and grooming are available for clients at each show. A “Show Czar” is also nominated for each remote show to help coordinate travel dates, schedules, reservations, etc. to help minimize cost for all involved and to help maximize the experience for all.

Laura encourages her clients to -


One of the holiday traditions at DeCesari Equestrian is for each rider to set short and long-term goals for the upcoming year. This encourages the team to stay focused and supportive of one another and is always inspiring!


A horseman should always be aware of both their own and their horse’s mindset and capabilities at any given time.  


Riding horses is a privilege, and riders have much to learn from their horses. Laura believes it’s important to think about what the horse has taught us each day.  



Ultimately Laura loves to see what the horses teach the riders about themselves - pure joy!



Laura is happy to take your sales horses! Each sales horse will be treated to the exquisite care at DeCesari Equestrian and will have 3-4 rides a week to maintain or increase training for a successful sale. Laura will find the perfect match for your horse, ensuring that your horse goes to a great home! Our sales program includes full marketing including social media advertising and networking by Laura. Your horse will be presented professionally and there is a possibility for Laura to show your horse if requested. For more details, please contact Laura.

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